Corporate Restructuring

Our Focus Area

Corporate RestructuringUndertaking corporate restructuring

Our scope covers both distressed and non-distressed companies.

Our experience includes advising on sizeable restructuring exercises to revive PN17 companies, involving negotiations with banks and creditors, disposal of assets and capital injection.

For conventional corporate restructuring, we take on the role of financial adviser where we evaluate and advise from a strategic and financial perspective on the company structure to achieve shareholder objectives which may include divestment of non-strategic assets, recapitalization, capital restructuring or introduction of strategic partners.

Distressed company restructuring often arises from overgearing and an inability to service debt.  With looming bankcrupty and/or the threat of being delisted, companies will need to expeditiously seek a solution to avert disaster.


Restructuring track record

brahim rectangle
Proposed restructuring of Brahim’s Holding Berhad group of companies

Financial Adviser


apft rectangle
Proposed restructuring of APFT Group

Financial Adviser


top builders rectangle
Capital reduction of Top Builders Capital Berhad pursuant to Section 116 of the Companies Act 2016



A wealth of experience

We aim to provide a highly personalised level of advice to business owners and top management for mapping out high level corporate strategy.
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