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Mergers & AcquisitionsTurbocharge your growth

Acquisitions, divestitures, buy-outs and reverse take-overs are a proven alternative to organic growth.

For many, this may as well be written in another language…  Our job is to break down the technicalities and complexities of M&A into bite-size pieces which you can understand and appreciate.

With our team’s diverse and deep experience in M&A, we are able to bring tangible value to your balance sheet by identifying ideal targets, putting a price and leading the negotiations.

Well thought out structure lies behind every successful M&A deal. There are many factors to be considered, such as regulatory guidelines, take-over laws, corporate law, tax implications, accounting issues, market conditions, funding and specific negotiation points in the M&A deal itself.

Some of the pitfalls we can help you to avoid in M&A deals include:

Overvaluation: This can occur when there is too much exuberance or pressure from stakeholders or competing bidders. This could lead to your company overpaying in order to simply push the deal through, rather than work out an arrangement that creates value.

Due diligence : Knowing what you are getting into is critical. Prior to signing on the dotted line, your company should learn as much as possible about the target asset financials, contracts, customers, insurance, and other pertinent information to ensure that it has an in-depth understanding and able to ascertain its value. Without due diligence, you may end up with litigation issues and complicated tax matters.


M&A track record

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Acquisition of hospitality assets and hotel management business for RM425 million in cash and shares

Financial Adviser


Acquisition of Bertam Capital Sdn Bhd via issuance of RM120m in shares

Transaction Manager


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Acquisition of Borneo Seaoffshore Engineering Sdn Bhd via issuance of RM25.5m in shares

Financial Advisor


A wealth of experience

We aim to provide a highly personalised level of advice to business owners and top management for mapping out high level corporate strategy.
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